Don’t let your career get in the way of your happiness

Here at Pharmacistweb, we believe that our members should be happy in whatever role they choose to pursue. Whatever you do make sure you are happy, why because happiness is key to healthy living. We will be discussing a variety of roles available to pharmacist, some you knew about and some you may not know exist. And, hopefully in our own little, but subtle way help guide you to finding some form of happiness in a new career or to develop your career. Over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing more information to help you with your career.

Traditional roles and contemporary roles

Majority of pharmacy graduates leaving university are employed within research, hospitals or community pharmacy roles. But, these are traditional roles and as the increase numbers of pharmacy graduates has increased exceeding the job market.  It is  important to keep options open and also to explore new areas.

So what are the other options? Well there are a few roles including, industrial, educational, further study, private hospital, practice pharmacist, and others.

The focus for the next career session will be the pharmaceutical industry. We will be exploring the various roles, and possibly entry points.

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