Where do you check to see if you could break or crush a tablet?

Q&ACategory: DispensingWhere do you check to see if you could break or crush a tablet?
Anto Staff asked 1 year ago

I need to check a prescription for an item which states that the tablets should be crushed prior to the patient taking it.

1 Answers
Anto Staff answered 1 year ago

The NEWT Guidelines is a good source to check. Click here to visit the site

Here are 3 options

  1. Another way to check if the tablet can be broken or crushed is the SmPC for the product, often in section 4.2

Posology and method of administration. The SmPC can be found here
2. Another option depends on whether the pharmacy you work in has an agreement with a medicines information service provider i.e. the NPA and NUMARK have a service where you can call and find out information.
3. Call the manufacturer’s medicine information department either. Find their contact via the SmPC link available in option 1 or you can check the BNF


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