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Q&APatches -help!!!!
Anto Staff asked 6 months ago

Hi guys, can we cut patches in half ? Like evorel and other hrt patches?

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Anto Staff answered 6 months ago

A transdermal patch is a medicated adhesive patch which delivers a specific dosage of a medication to the treatment site, these patches vary in their intended use. More recently  patches not only aid in the delivery of medicines but some actually aid in the diagnostics or monitoring of a patient.
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There 4 main types of patches used for medicinal drug delivery, these are:
Reservoir membrane–modulated systems. In these products, the drug is contained in a reservoir between an impermeable backing layer and a rate-controlling microporous membrane. Drug release is controlled by the membrane. Cutting the patch makes the entire dose available immediately. An example of this type of system is Duragesic (fentanyl—Janssen).
Microreservoir systems. The drug is contained in multiple, smaller drug reservoirs in these patches. Cutting the patch destroys some of the reservoirs, although most remain intact. The number of reservoirs that remain may not be proportionate to the surface area of the patch, however. Therefore, cutting a patch in half does not guarantee that the amount of drug in each half is equal. Catapres-TTS (clonidine—Boehringer Ingelheim) is an example of this system.
Drug in adhesive layer systems. With these patches, the drug is homogeneously mixed with a polymer-based adhesive applied to an impermeable backing. The amount of drug delivered is diffusion controlled and directly proportional to the surface area of the patch. Cutting the patch will decrease the amount of drug delivered without presenting a hazard. Lidoderm (lidocaine—Endo) patches fall into this category and can be safely cut to deliver a smaller dose.
Matrix systems. The drug is evenly distributed throughout an adhesive matrix in these patches, similar to a drug in adhesive layer system. Again, the amount of available drug is directly proportional to the surface area of the patch. Cutting the patch may be possible, but it may also reduce the efficacy of the adhesive. An example of this type of system is Vivelle-Dot (estradiol—Novartis).
Whilst  some patches are cut in practice, from research Reservoir patches if cut could lead to immediate release of the drug. To answer the question whether to cut a patch in half, before deciding to make such a decision it is wise to contact the manufacturers to see whether they have further information. Also, note that such an action maybe considered as an off-label usage and should be reported to the MHRA or drug safety if it is outside of the product license. Finally, always consider the risk benefit, how beneficial is your actions to the patient versus the risk to the patient.


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