What Young Entrepreneurs Could Learn from the Chinese Bamboo Tree: Honour Development

In this day and age more and more people are looking for quick ways to solve problems, quick ways to make money, lose weight in 60 days etc. This is a sad reality about the modern world we live in, we have forgotten the beauty in development, as Molesey Crawford stated “we do not honour development as much as we should“. So here is a story we would like to share with you about the Chinese Bamboo tree.

A farmer planted a Chinese bamboo tree seeds, he watered and nurtured it everyday, he carried out this ritual for an entire growing season, the tree refused to grow outwards, not even an inch. The second season came, he carried out the ritual of nurturing the tree seeds everyday, it still did not grow outwards not even an inch, for four good years, the tree seeds refused to sprout, the farmer was fed up of not seeing the result of his hard work, but was still persistent and continued to nurture the tree seeds.480_667x445_212_7be062d9b21d831eda175dc657ff409fThen came the fifth year, the bamboo tree seeds sprouted outwards and grew up to eight feet in just one growing season. It seemed like a miracle, but it wasn’t a miracle, after careful observation, the farmer was able to see that the tree seeds took five years to grow underground, in order to grow strong roots.bamboo

The moral of the story for young entrepreneurs is that what ever your trade is, you must understand that greatness is not an overnight process,learn to lay your roots firmly, create a concrete foundation, because development is a fundamental process of life, and sustainability is more appealing than vulnerability, you have to keep going even when the going gets tough and you will keep growing to your greatest height.

Learn to honour development.

Credit to Molesey Crawford


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